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Obe Sitha Ma Sitha Wen Kala - Song Chords

Song Title Obe Sitha Ma Sitha Wen Kala
Artist Name Kasun Kalhara
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 111
       Dm       C   Dm
 Obe sitha ma sitha wen kala
 Gm                 F
  Sithuwili sangili paalama
 Am     F       Gm
  E me atha wenena
 C          C7        Dm
 Chakithaya sitha danana 

 [Verse 1]
 F        Am        C      Dm
 Aega samabara kara enne kohomada
 C            Dm     F       Dm
 Hamana wita adare kunatuwa
 C                 Am                  Dm
 Aedagena wetunath   hithata biyak nam na
 C       Dm     Am          Dm     F
 Obage senehasa    diya suliye sirawi
 Am         Bb       Dm
 Ma miyedunath kamak na 

 [Verse 2]
 F       Am        C     Dm
 Keeri geahena kan aya sitinnada
 C              Dm      F        Dm
 Bidena wita paalame reahan pata
 C              Am                 Dm
 Deasa piyagena   man piyawala meanna
 C       Dm      Am       Dm         F
 Oba maa deagili   hamuwu vigasa keena
 Am       C        Am          Dm
 Apa sith wen kala paalama biduna
 Am       C        Am          Dm
 Apa sith wen kala paalama biduna

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