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Thawa Dawasak - Song Chords

Song Title Thawa Dawasak
Artist Name Keerthi Pasquel
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 190

| E   | -  | -    | - | ///
|F#m| - |C#m| - |
| A   | - |  E    | - |

E             F#m            A           E
Thawa dawasak hamu wee imu mee bawe
E         F#m        A             E
Eka serayak dutuwath athi dei suwe
C#m              Abm                 F#m      E
Oba wenuwen heduwa tharam kiyanna heen sere
[Verse 1]

E                                       F#m         B         Abm
Mada pawane musu keruwe yali noena mathaka ape
Nidi padure gewena peye
F#m          B          Abm      C#m      F#m   A      B
Sihikeruwa suwada obe Jeewethe      eeeee palui mage
[Verse 2]

E                                        F#m             B       Abm
Tharu denethe pipena sande duka wedena lowata ape
Kiri sayure muthu pathule
F#m               B         Abm  C#m  F#m       A         B
Sengawa giya menika mage adare eeeeeee geeyak wage

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