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Dangapana Samanallu - Song Chords

Song Title Dangapana Samanallu
Artist Name Keerthi Pasquel
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 155

|Fm|  -   | - | Eb |
|Eb |Bbm|Eb|Fm | //

Fm                                               C#                        Bbm
Dangapana samanallu renata wela saradham sina mata hela
Bbm          Eb         Bbm        Cm   C#        Eb        Fm  
Oya paana kuru mayamin rewatila sitha adaren selenawa
Yana para hema dhama maga ahurala
C#                   Bbm
Manamala kam panawa
Bbm          Eb         Bbm    Cm
Monawata oya para lan lanwela
C#                Eb            Fm
Mage hithata den denenawa
[Verse 1]

Fm                          C#            Bbm
Nethuwada hitha kiri kithi kawa kawa
Eb                                              Fm
Thaniwenna api denna mohothak wela
C#                          Eb
Maa anda sath pata dedunu kataha
C#               C          Fm   Eb                    Fm
Bonda weda dekopul pura hinehenna enne bala
[Verse 2]

Fm                    C#                   Bbm
Sithuwada thani hithata oya heti katha
Eb                                            Fm
Nodeneda oya hithata bara wedi nisa
C#                    Eb
Nokiyama pathu heena hanga thiya
C#           C            Fm      Eb                    Fm
Miyededa dehadaka katha adara pothe pitu pura

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