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GalKisse Hotale - Song Chords

Song Title GalKisse Hotale
Artist Name MS Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 154


 D      G     
 A      G     
 D      A     
 G      D     

D               A       D
Galkisse hotale langa arthur aiya hotale langa
G              D
sir irin car i know all the bar
                G     D
all ceylon tour going i give my car //
[Verse 1]

G               D
I know kandy road I know seegiriya road
A                      D
I know madakalapu road   I know galooya boad
G                       D
Take you to gem merchant  that is kahawatta road
Elehera bakamuune
my friend menik load //
Galkisse Hotale ..... /
[Verse 2]

G                     D
I saw you wild elephant  we must go yala kele
A                       D
I give you nil and honey  passing mathara nagare
I tell you put story about panamure
you can see big temple
going to anuradhapure //
Galkisse Hotale ..... /
[Verse 3]

G                  D
Your wife madam mrs  calling & come for kiss
A                    D
I give her kewum kokis  lines & good for kiddies
G                D
I know better english like it in lunumiris
my friend singer MS
all ceylon baila twist //
Galkisse Hotale ..... /

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