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Hitha Dura Handa (Ayemath Adaren2) - Song Chords

Song Title Hitha Dura Handa (Ayemath Adaren2)
Artist Name Athma Liyanage
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 89


Bb    C    

Hitha dura handa nethu langa hanga
Sihina ganina hinda thanikama handa
Aethaka randa mathaka hitha ahinda
              F      C             Dm
Arutha kiyena senehe  numbama weda manda

Dm        C     
Bbmaj7    C     
Am        Dm    
[Verse 1]

Dm              C 
aetha athitheka amathana senehe
Bb   C        Dm                   C
Hithawath karana sihina pothe kawi dahasak athare
Bb   C        Dm  
Numbamai windina 
Gm              F
nomekena se hadawathe hinda numba
Bb    C         Dm
   Aluthen pathana
Verse 2]

Dm                C
Ahasa wagei numba sithuwa atheethe
Bb   C        Dm
Mathaketa negena 
hendawena sitha langa thanieta inne
Bb   C         Dm
 Numbamada kiyana
Gm              F              
Issara dawasaka thahanam heene 
Bb   C       Dm
  aayeth dakina


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