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Oba Gawa Mama Innemi - Song Chords

Song Title Oba Gawa Mama Innemi
Artist Name Milton Mallawarachchi
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 78


G        D        G
Oba gawa mama innemi
Am   Am9   D7      G
Susu man wage yaawemi
G                 C        G
Thaniye thurl we, mumuna supem gee
Re seethale lan wewi
G           D7      G
Tharu mal kada dennemi //
[Verse 1]

Gmaj7           Bm
Melese dilinne, tharu se niwenne
Am9     D7      G   
Obage sina desa ne do
Em7              Bm
Noseli thiyenne, sasali noyanne
Am9     D7       G  
Obage mage snehe nedo...
Ebmaj7               Cm         D7        G
Sitha mage sanasanne sara sanna obamai lande...
Ebmaj7               Cm         D7       G     Gmaj7AG
Wena kauruwath maage thurule nidan na lande...
[Verse 2]

Gmaj7             Bm
Mathu jeewithedi, melowin thuran wee
Am9      D7       G
Guwane piyambanna wewi
Em7         Bm             Am9                 D7
Abyawakashe grahalokagane, mithuran soya yanna wewi
Ebmaj7         Cm               G
Ekaledith ma pathanne oyamai lande...
Ebmaj7         Cm       D7       G
Dewoowarungen ahanneth oyamai lande

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