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Lindak Langa Pem Katha - Song Chords

Song Title Lindak Langa Pem Katha
Artist Name Milton Mallawarachchi
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 118
[Intro / Inter]

 F          C  
 Bb         F  
 F          C  


F                                C
Lidak laga pem rata  Watak laga pem katha
          Gm      C           F
Yowun mal mawathe  Piyum ron jeewithe
           F                     C
Athin atha lanwela  Pahan tharu dalwela
          Gm      C           F
Yowun mal mawathe  Piyum ron jeewithe

[Verse 1]

F        Am       Bb         C
Wasanthe upanne  Adare mandire
Gm       C        Bb            F
Nura gee asenne  Yawwane len dorin
Bb         Gm           F          Dm   
Pemin upan yahaluwane  Pemin upan yeheliyane
C          Gm       F
Obe pathum wasana wewa

[Verse 2]

F       Am         Bb           C
Adin ho hetin ho  Pem udana lanwee
Gm      C            Bb            F
Hade so thawul duk  Wedana thuran wee
Bb       Gm          F           Dm 
Senehaye sihilalle  Sina kikini owille
C          Gm       F
Obe pathum wasana wewa

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