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Mage Kiriketi Yawwanaye - Song Chords

Song Title Mage Kiriketi Yawwanaye
Artist Name Nalin Perera
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 75

E    Esus4    E ...
E  F#m  B  E   
E  F#m  B  E  

     E                            B
Mage kiri keti yawwanaye dorakada me
     A                             E
Mage thurunu wiye henguman awadi wune...
C#m                             B
Sithiwili therapena yaame oba aawe...
A                B        E
Oba pili gannata ma na danne
D                                 A
Obe thol pethi naliyana bandanath ma dutuwe
B                             E
Ai oya dase henguman ehe mehe diwa yanne
D                                    A
Pita kithi kawana hadawathe henguman mata denila
     B               A                E
Mulu lowata hora obe ruwa watala mage sitha bendila

E      B    
A      E    
C#m    B    
    A  B  E   

D                                 A
Rosa pethi wage oya thol deka obe siyumelida
B                                   E
Salu pata athare sengawunu oya ruwa hari hedada
D                                   A
Mage sitha kulmath wee sitha sansun na onna
    B               A            E
Norida senehasa pawasannata mata ida denna

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