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Perada Maha Ra - Song Chords

Song Title Perada Maha Ra
Artist Name Nanda Malani
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 101
 [La la la Vocals]
 E   Bm  
 D   E   

 E   C#m  Bm  E //

 E           D  A      D       E
 Perada maha ra ma sihilal ura madale

 Muhuna howagena lasovin velapuna
       D      A/A7     E
 Obe vidapath nethin gala giya
 A         E       C#m      E
 Kandulaka kalalak ithiri vela
 D     E
 La la la
 E           D  A      D       E
 Perada maha ra ma sihilal ura madale

 [Verse 1]
 E               D            
 Urahisa thawari viyalunu kandulen
 A     A7       E
 Obage sunaruth pathumaka gini atha
 D              E
 Sada deawennem e ginnen
D     E
 La la la

 [Verse 2]
 E                D
 Obahata pem kala ugaya nimakara
 A     A7      E
 Wenwe yannata dawasa pamina atha
 D               E
 Samava den mata senehe within 
 D     E
 La la la

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