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Kurutu Ge Gee Pothe - Song Chords

Song Title Kurutu Ge Gee Pothe
Artist Name Nanda Malani
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 85


 C    G   C  
 C    G   C  


Ayanna kiyanna lowatama ahenna
F            C
Enna mage malli
F               C       (Em)
Duwanna paninna natanna gayanna
G      G7    C   
Enna mage nangi  //

[Verse 1]

C                                             C7
Pasala num ran devole deviyan van guru kalage
F                       G                 C
Sitha dinamin pa sevane shilpa laba mathu dawase
F               C        (Em)
Lokaya dakinna  ehi seri saranna
G      G7    C   
Enna mage nangi
G      G7    C   
Enna mage malli

[Verse 2]

C                                              C7
Kasi panam hiti hatiye sathuro genayati rahase
F                        G              C
Potin patin lada danunme danaya sadakal surake
F               C      (Em)   
Ganaya wadanna  kalaya gewanna
G      G7    C   
Enna mage nangi
G      G7    C   
Enna mage malli

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