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Ahasa Se Oba Ananthai - Song Chords

Song Title Ahasa Se Oba Ananthai
Artist Name Nanda Malani
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 175

 Bm       D      
 Bm       Em     
 F#m      D    C# 
 Bm       F#m    
 G        F#sus   

Bm               G
ahasa se oba ananthai
Em           F#sus Bm 
sayura se oba ananthai
   D    Daug    Em           A
me vishwaye.. ma dakinne.... ea
obama pamanai
    F#m   Bm     F#sus Bm
oba   ananthai..  ananthai..

 Bm         G     F#m  
 Em     D    A     F#m  
 Bm         Dm7       
 F#7        Em        
 Bm         D     Em   
[1st Verse]

     D      F#m       Bm      F#m
vena thathak hedawena thenath oba
     Em               A
madhu vithak uthurana thenath oba
 D     Bm  
Bm               F#m
theli thudak devatena thenath oba
A     D       A       Bm
pannhidak gewasena thenath oba
 G        F#sus   
[2nd Verse]

    D      F#m      Bm      F#m
ada sandak segavena thenath oba
     Em             A
rala pelak peralena thenath oba
 D     Bm  
Bm            F#m
sisilasak danawana thenath oba
A    D        A       Bm
unusumak gena dena thenath oba
 G        F#sus   

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