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Daruwo Athi Ammala - Song Chords

Song Title Daruwo Athi Ammala
Artist Name Neela Wickramasinghe
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 115

|Em|Bm|Em | -  |
| C | D  |Em | -  |
| G | -   | -   |Am|
| C | -   |D7  | G |
| C | D  |Em7| -  |

Am                D    Em        Am        D      C 
Daruwoo athi ammala daru surathal pennala
D                                G        Em
Hadawa sitha maa sitha paaranawa
G                   C          Em  Bm                 D          Em
Daruwo netha maa pathala daruwoo natha maa pathala
[Verse 1]

Em                  Am  D                       G
Hadana kiri daruwo turula pura pathuwaa
D                         C          D             C               | B7 |
Paw purawaa san saaaraye maw padawiya nathiwa
[Verse 2]

Em                       Am D                      G
Kurulu muwoo sathune daru senehe widina
D                            C     D            C             | B7|
Minis bawe mahime mage mata daruwo nodena

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