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Karuna Suwanda - Song Chords

Song Title Karuna Suwanda
Artist Name Nihal Nelson
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 98


A                             Bm
Karuna Suwanda Thawaralu Hada Piyume
    D            E          A
Mawage Senehasai Ulpatha Sanasime
A                             Bm
Duwala Awith Pera Lesa Ma Eka Pimme
 D           E           A
Amma Kiyanne Katada Ada Amme
[Verse 1]

Le Kiri Karala Mata Powala
Bm            D
Ma Hadu Wadu Amme
Bm          F#m
Punchi Kale Dana Gagena Yanakota
E                D    A
Nagitinnata Atha Dun Amme
Hondin Naraka De Wen Karala
Bm          D
Owadan Dun Amme
Bm              F#m
Mathu Sansaredi Obema Puthu Lesa
E          D          A
Upadinnata Pathanemi Amme
[Verse 2]

Badagini Wila Handu Witadi
Bm              D
Mata Bath Kawu Amme
Bm            F#m
Pasal Yawala Ugannala Mata
E                D     A
Ma Loku Miniseku Kala Amme
Adarayen Mata Andagahala
Bm          D
Putha Kiyu Amme
Bm                 F#m
Oba Mathu Budu Wee Daham Desana Wita
E             D        A
Mamath Niwan Dakinemi Amme

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