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Ran Palase - Song Chords

Song Title Ran Palase
Artist Name Athula Adhikari
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 211


[F    Bb    
 C    F     ]
 F       Bb/C/F

F                            C
Ran palase wathiree oba hamu wu daa
Bb  Am     Gm  C       F    BbC
A...dareta aadare labu wa...
F                             C
Pem piyase apa thaniwunu moho thedi..
Bb   Am    Gm    C          F  
Jeewithema seene kayi sithu naa...
Ma... dutuwe...
Ran dahare...
Bb      Gm
Dew anganai

F     Am    
Gm  C  F     
Dm    Am    
Bb  C  F     
[Verse 1]

Kumariye obe hadawatha langa atha 
sitha mage randila
Kusumiye obe ron piri suwandata 
C7                F
Sitha bingun bendila
    Dm                    Gm
Ada rata paayana sandun mage..
F            C         F   BbC
Ron bingum  adennepa mehe..


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