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Mal Pita Mal - Song Chords

Song Title Mal Pita Mal
Artist Name Amal Perera
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 211

|Am  |G  |F  |E  |


Am           G            F        E
Mal pita mal Helena digu maawathe
Am                    G        F         G       
Piya matha piya thabamin hinehena nube...
Am             G        Dm  Am
Ingi naluwata washivi..... ....
Am          G        F          E
aththala nagai thurupath pawa...     


|Am  |E  |Dm  |-  |
|E   |-  |Am  |E  |
|Dm  |-  |E   |-  |
|Am  |G  |F   |E  |

[Verse 1]

Am                    G            Am  
Diya pita diya reali nagana gan diye
Am                 G        Am 
Seda rala mathin oruwaka negi
     Dm                   E 
Etherata yanu deaka obai mamai
      F         G           Am 
Seda nala pawa hamana heti pudumai
  F         G           Am      E
Seda nala pawa hamana heti pudumai
[Verse 2]

Am              G               Am  
Vehi pita wehi helena raathriye
Am              G             Am  
Unuhum vemein thurulata wewi
      Dm                        E  
Mudu rasa vidina sanda obai mamai
     F          G             Am 
Hirikada pawa denena heti pudumai
     F          G             Am     E
Hirikada pawa denena heti pudumai

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