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Hitha Nawathuna Thana - Song Chords

Song Title Hitha Nawathuna Thana
Artist Name Rookantha Gunathilaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 130


G                      D  C   Bm   G
hitha newathuna thena oba nawathinawaada
G                   D     C   Bm   G
oba newathuna thena hitha nawathinawaada
G                C                             Am
obai obe hithai, ekavita eka thena,  newathuna daa
D                      C   Bm  Am     G  
balanna watapita, mama oba lagada kiya.
[1st Inter]

 G    F#m   Em   D  
 C         Bm     
 Am   D7    G      
[1st Verse]

     G              Am          D7         G
dura eatha nopenena reaka langa paatha innemi
    G         C           Am           G
dutuwaada beluwaada denethin sene kiyami
      Ebaug       Bm        Am        G
hitha thaama dura neada hemadaama asami
      D         C         Bm   Am   G
hitha paalu una daata oba gaawa innemi
[2nd Inter]

 B       Em   G  
 Em      D      
[2nd Verse]

     G           Em          Am            G
mulu reama sandu gaawa tharu reana thani raki
    Ebaug     Em          Am           G
hemadaama oba gaawa thani neane mama imi
     Bm          C        Am  D7       G
nuba naawa nethu gaawa kadulel seli seli
    D         C          Bm Am      G
igi peawa oya deasa mathake  redi redi

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