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Gini Kadu Pupurana - Song Chords

Song Title Gini Kadu Pupurana
Artist Name Rookantha Gunathilaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 110



E                             A     E
Gini kandu pupuruna e gigum dine langai
E                              A     E
Hima kandu diya wena e susum dine langai
E                           A         E
Tharu kata dilihena e ana dine.... langai
F#m       E        A           E
E nisa e aadare pama karanna epa
F#m       E        A           E
E nisa e aadare pama karanna epa

[Verse 1]

    E            A      B          E
Apa deasa penawa.. desawanda asenawa
     E              A       B               E
Kusa ginna mewenawa.. rasa emata thiyenawa
C#m               A                  F#m
Jeewithe ohe gewana duge pele kandule lunuth nathe
     B             E
Walandeth mukuth nathe.. 

E                   A
Time is strong with me 
E                    A
Sun and moon to disappear
      E            B
Dont wait until tomorrow 
A                E
Love the ones in sorrow 

[Verse 2]

E                             A       E
Melowe wesena api hemoma minisun  uthum
F#m                                 B     E
E bawa denagena demu ekinekata sena sum susum
C#m                                 A       E
Kandulak nawatha sinahawa gena demu nam hebehin
F#m               B             A     E
Yana wita kisiwak geniyanne neththan ithin... 
F#m               B             A     E
Yana wita kisiwak geniyanne neththan ithin...

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