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Den Ithin Wena Kumak - Song Chords

Song Title Den Ithin Wena Kumak
Artist Name Athula Adhikari
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 131

 D  A  Em  Bm

 [Verse 1]
 D   A          D                   A    D
 Ira handa ta wada.. api aetha bawa dannawa
 G        D                      Em
 E wunath ahamben, ekama eka mohothakata..
 A               D
 Obata maa hamuwela...

 D G A7 D

 D         A            D
 Den ithin wena kumak karannada
 D         A            D
 Den ithin wena kumak karannada
 Bm D        A        D   
 aaaaadaraya karanu misa
 Bm D        A        D   
 aaaaadaraya karanu misa

 [Verse 2]
 D   A     D    
 Laa laaa. laaa maha patha ran getath wada
   Bm        D               A  
 Diga kathawaka, kombuwak tharam nethi
               D                   Em
 Ape love sinduwe, antharaaa yeheliyaka..
   D           Bm         D
 Samanathi.... ma obawa imba.....

 [Verse 3]
     Bm            Em         F#m      D
 Payakatauwa kumakatada , oraloso moonakata
    F#m       D     G          D     G
 Oralosu moonakata, kalpayak kiyanne thapparen
    D        G          D     G            D
 Bindak nam, kalpayak kiyanne thapparen bindak nam
 D           Bm          D    A
 Saara sanke kalpa lakshayak, ma obata thurulu wee
               D   Bm   D   Bm   D      DGA7D
 Nidi barawa unna, samanthi Samanthi...
  D               F#m        D
 Obe thol pethi wedi, mage nalale konakata, 
 Em       Bm      D
 Kesha nalikawaak pipuruna.. 
 D         A            D
 Den ithin wena kumak karannada
 D         A            D
 Den ithin wena kumak karannada


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