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Rathu Rosa Mal Yaya - Song Chords

Song Title Rathu Rosa Mal Yaya
Artist Name Roshan Fernando
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 151

|Fm| -  | -      | -  |
|Eb |Ab|C#/Eb|Fm|
|Cm| - | Fm    | -  |
|Cm| - | Fm    | -  |

Fm            Eb           Fm                            Eb            
Rathu rosa mal yaya numbanam manamala bambara mamai
Bb                                 Eb    |Ab| Eb                            Fm
Hima seetha kandu yaya atharin    obe pema patha enawamai
Eb      Cm                Fm   Eb                        Fm
Ran taruka reena horehin apa denna sanasalawai
Bb                            Ab       Eb                        Fm
Me prema sandapana sisilien rasa geena sisilak sadai
Eb            Cm         Fm
Oba mage manamaliyai
[Verse 1]

Fm             C7      Ab         Bb                           Fm
Rekaganna obe adare man vinda wu duk wedanawan
Fm             C7              Ab        Bb                       Fm
Mathu daka senasenna puluwan me adare sadakal nam
Cm                                           Eb                           Fm
Sipa ganna mage datha senehen thawa inna mata lanwela den
[Verse 2]

Fm             C7             Ab      Bb                         Fm
Rekaganna pem chethanawan sansara pathumak wage den
Fm            C7            Ab       Bb                     Fm
Pem heena eli wenna wigasin noseli idim adare nam
Cm                                  Eb                           Fm
Hith manaye inna senehen man dala yan naa sadakal

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