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Mamanam Asai - Song Chords

Song Title Mamanam Asai
Artist Name Sanath Nandasiri
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 99

D  A  D      A  
D          A  
D    Dmaj7  A  

Mama nam asai ahanna nayana
A                  D
Issara waage obe muwin
Denetha piyagena kiyanna mumuna
A                     D
Eka wadanak ho kola lesin
Wena kawuruth na ahagena inne
          G       E          D
Ira handa pamanai kawadath unne
[Verse 1]

Indul mage netha mulinma dutu da
A                    D
Ma ha hinehunu ahinsakawi
Adath eda men dakinna athnam
A                  A7     D
Mata pem kala mudu nisansalawiya
Ma aganthuka lesada penenne
       G         E      D
Purudu handin ai hina nowanne
[Verse 2]

Pasal kaalaya ohe geweddi
A                       D
Lokaya yanathaka gamane yadden
Punchi deriya yuwathiyaka wunaden
A                  A7        D
Mage bolanda hitha mata thibunaden
L_owata baye ayi jeewath wenne
      G        E         D
Durin nowe oba langai hindinne

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