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Me Ra Madiyam Yame - Song Chords

Song Title Me Ra Madiyam Yame
Artist Name Sujatha Aththanayaka
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 118


Me raa madiyam yame asewa ee handa rahase
Bm                           A                        Abm
Lowa palui itinnam sada aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa//
Abm                  B
Me raa mediyam yaame

|Abm| A    |Abm| - |
|  E   |Abm|C#  | B |
[Verse 1]

Abm       B                    A
Baratha deeshe welape obe namin
A                Abm                   E  
Golu wuu sitaraye wenasak pawa sele
Abm        B                        A
Tamath himalaye piyuman pipi dile
A               Abm                         B      Abm
Mathu wee obe handin lathe wee wiyo dukin
[Verse 2]

Abm       B                   A
Ganga jamuna uthura gala giya
A                   Abm                E  
Kandulin gelu edha dewiyan surin hendu
Abm         B                     A
Sura dewliyan pawa sura geee himin gaya
A               Abm           B         Abm
Hitiya obe langin henduwa obe namin

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