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Sithak Nam Siththam Ranai - Song Chords

Song Title Sithak Nam Siththam Ranai
Artist Name Bathiya n Santhush
Item Type Guitar Chords
Views 120

Dm                    Am
Hithak siththam ranai, obath man waagemai
Minis kam bemmen yaawi
Edath unna saththai
Dm                    Am
Hithak siththam ranai, obath man waagemai
Methek kal unnath rene
Mitak bandawagei

Dm                    Gm
Hinawen gewuna kaale, na dukak kisida
C                         A
Tikak wath hith ridunanam e dukath beduna
Dm                    Gm
Ekek wath helune nene ek unoth ehemai
C                       F             A    Dm
Ithin me rajakam lebune samagiyen saththai

Dm             Gm
Jeewe obenmai upanne
          C                    A
Obai jaya labanne hetath wee negenne
Dm             Gm
rene eka menma andi
         C               A
Ekawanwa pewi dina ganna loke

Dm                    Am
Hithak siththam ranai, obath man waagemai
Bb                     F
Lowak nam wiskam bomai apith unne ethanai
Dm                         Am
Hithak nam geththam waagei eheth inne hithamai
Bb                     F
Miniskam ismaththe nam lowath punchi waage

Dm                       Gm
Wettuwath negitinna aaye shakthiyak lebuni
C                      A
Hithe haiyai samagiyai jayatembai edine
Dm                         Gm
Adath ehemai hetath ehemai sabandakam pewe
C                            F             A    Dm
Ithin dan jaya dhadha negune samagiyen dasathe


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